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The First Amendment Roadmap

PHASE 1 (6 months)

  1. ongoing development of PoC layer 2 scaling solution (with one content delivery node, and multiple system auditors)
  2. implement donations for quality content (send ether to comment author)
  3. implement author profile page

PHASE 2 (12 months)

  1. development of PoC layer 2 scaling solution (with multiple content delivery nodes)
  2. implement subscription to authors of interest
  3. implement explore comments option (with comments grouping by domain, recent activity, trending, author)
  4. implement conversation threads
  5. deploy a project website
  6. contract stabilization, optimization, and auditing
  7. release beta on Ropsten testnet

PHASE 3 (24 months)

  1. content filtering strategy (client-side filtering algorithms)
  2. Mozilla Firefox addon
  3. content bounties (offer a bounty that could be collected by the user of interest)
  4. content challenging system (challenge other users content credibility or truthfulness)
  5. Android app
  6. integration with BAT (Basic Attention Token)
  7. integration with identity systems
  8. integration with native portals

Read about proposed solution in The First Amendment Whitepaper.

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